Four Facts About Industry Icon Stanley Hainsworth

AIGA Idaho is excited to welcome Stanley Hainsworth for our Creative Coffee event on January 29, 2015. Before we have the opportunity to pick his brilliant brain in person, here are four interesting facts to know about the man with The Hair.

1. He has worked for some of the biggest brands in the world

From Nike, to Lego, to Starbucks, Stanley Hainsworth has made his mark on some of the biggest brands in the business. During his 20 years at these powerhouse companies, Hainsworth used his creativity and innovation to tell the stories and push boundaries.

2. He started his own company: Tether

“We are the stories we tell.” This message is the backbone of the Tether ideology and the mantra that has powered Hainsworth’s career. Tether is a branding, advertising, and design shop in Seattle and Portland.

3. He appeared in a made for TV movie with George Clooney

Stanley started his career as an actor, scoring roles in “My Own Private Idaho” and the made for TV movie, “Warning: Terror in the Towers.” Though acting eventually shifted into a hobby for Hainsworth, creativity and energy still abound in his professional life.

4. He contributes to The Huffington Post

If you want more insight into this Kentucky-native’s life, check out his contributions to The Huffington Post. With healthy encouragement, inspirational stories, and marketing tips and insight, Stanley shares another piece of his brilliance.

Interested in a chance to meet Hainsworth in person? Join AIGA Idaho on January 29 for A Conversation with Stanley Hainsworth. Register here.

By Kate
Published January 20, 2015
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